4Winds Staff Team

4Winds Staff Team

Susan Jones

‘Hello! I’ve been at 4Winds since November 1995, I feel privileged to have worked alongside so many committed people; this includes those who work for and those who use 4Winds – the involvement and expertise of those with lived experience has shaped and continues to shape our unique service which is user led and user managed. I believe that 4Winds fulfils an important role in mental health service delivery locally and I’m delighted that we manage to maintain our ethos and commitment to easily accessible frontline services whilst providing a high-quality professional service.’

Shilla Siyani

‘I have worked at 4Winds since December 1996 and value the support and service the organisation provides. 4Winds is very inclusive and treats people with respect and dignity whatever your background maybe. No two days are the same at 4Winds, but the work is very rewarding, knowing you have made a difference to someone's life no matter how big or small it may seem; I think it is such a valuable organisation.‘

Project Worker

Gera Rhiannon

‘I have worked at 4Winds since September 1998. 4Winds has always set, and maintained a culture of respect, dignity and courtesy to those using and working in the service - values which should never be compromised, and never are. This is why I have chosen to continue working there.‘

Project Worker

Nina Langrish

‘I have worked at 4Winds since June 2019. My role is to support and enable people with mental health issues on their journey towards recovery. Sometimes this involves practical support such as help with housing, or signposting to different agencies and, sometimes it can be sitting with someone who is feeling very low, sometimes it involves delivering the programme of guided self-help; all are important elements of the service.‘

Project Worker

Laura Culpan-Evans

‘I have worked at 4Winds since September 2019 but have worked within the sector for 26 years. My role as a Project Worker is varied and allows me to work with groups in the centre, in the community delivering training courses, and working 1:1 in 4Winds and local GP Surgeries. This diversity allows myself and my colleagues to access a large number of people who require support and guidance whilst going through a difficult time. Working in 4Winds means that I am able to work in a way that is consistent with my beliefs of equality, diversity and a non-judgemental ethos.‘
Project Worker

Sarah-Jane Reece

‘‘I have worked at 4Winds since August 2010. It's been a privilege to work in this small staff team of amazingly dedicated mental health workers who go above and beyond to keep the service running efficiently. My role as admin and finance lets me use my bargain hunting skills for seeking better financial purchases and I also enjoy the daily interactions with service users and have real sense of job satisfaction.‘

Admin and Finance

We also have a small pool of dedicated relief workers who help provide back up at the centre on an occasional basis.