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In order to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus (COVID 19) 4Winds delivered all of its services remotely during the pandemic. We have now returned to our office base and are offering 1:1 sessions in person, as well as two Open Access afternoon sessions in person per week. We also facilitate outdoor peer support sessions and activities in the community. Please contact us for details. We are still here to support you and can be contacted in the usual ways.

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Soutien émotionnel et pratique

During the Open Access sessions the centre provides a safe space for people experiencing emotional distress. There are always at least two workers present at the centre to offer listening support and informal advocacy. Workers at the centre work flexibly, take a holistic approach and promote recovery and independence. They can offer practical support such as providing information on a range of issues/services, offering assistance with issues such as housing and benefits. To see further information on what recovery focused support can be offered please

Soutien émotionnel et pratique

Le centre offre un espace sûr pour les personnes en détresse émotionnelle. Il y a toujours au moins deux travailleurs présents au centre pour offrir un soutien d'écoute et un plaidoyer informel. Les travailleurs du centre travaillent de manière flexible, adoptent une approche holistique et favorisent le rétablissement et l'indépendance. Ils peuvent offrir un soutien pratique, comme fournir des informations sur une gamme de problèmes / services, offrir une assistance sur des questions telles que le logement et les avantages sociaux. Pour voir plus d'informations sur le support axé sur la récupération qui peut être offert, veuillez

Groupes et activités pour promouvoir une bonne santé mentale et le bien-être

4Winds recognises that recreational, educational and social activities are important factors in all of our mental health and that they can play a crucial role in recovery; participating in enjoyable and meaningful recreational, educational and social activities can have a major impact on health, well-being and quality of life.  We have good links with a range of community organisations and wherever possible encourage people to access opportunities within the community. However, we also deliver a range of groups/activities at the centre; these can provide important taster sessions, rekindle old skills or learn new ones. We are committed to helping people achieve their potential and find that the kind of activities we offer can provide an important first step towards recovery.
‘I was nervous about going to the ballet. I had been very unwell with depression and anxiety and had developed a fear of busy places. However, I used to love going to the ballet and was encouraged to join a group visit. The thought of being with people who understood my anxieties helped. I am so pleased I went, it was wonderful and those couple of hours felt like the longest break I’d had from my negative thoughts in a long time. It did me the world of good and has has rekindled my love of ballet.’

For information about current activities and training courses please check our Facebook page for latest updates.
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